Doctorate Degree in Business Administration

36 Months

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September – January – April

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Degree Overview

The Doctorate Degree in Business Administration program provides students with hands-on experience via close links to the industry. AUS is leading the charge in skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) through integrating the hard and soft skills our students will need to be competitive in the coming decades. Key learning methods to promote 4IR skills development are instilled in the program.

At AUS students from over 44 nationalities come together and share their personal and professional experiences guided by professors who work in their field of specialization.

Through experiential and student-centered learning students are exposed to real-life scenarios and case studies allowing them to develop skills needed to be competitive in the upcoming decades. This applied experience is in stark contrast to many university professors focused solely on theory or outdated methodologies.

In undertaking a doctorate-level program, you are provided with the opportunity to improve your business career or business-related insight. It allows you to sharpen your research skills, enhance your understanding or business process, and develop leadership and decision-making abilities. A doctorate-level program places a higher emphasis on theoretical formulation and on conducting and interpreting research. As a doctoral graduate, you will stand out from the pack and shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to prepare for a leadership position.

Students will learn the most advanced skills and techniques for managing and leading businesses and organizations, which backed up by rigorous coursework and high expectations for achievement. Additionally, studying a doctorate, not only identifies you as an expert in your field but results in a tangible set of managerial and decision-making skills that may qualify you for new career opportunities or senior-level management roles.

Growth and development are extremely important for business success. With a doctorate degree, students will take a step back from ongoing professional responsibilities to conduct relevant research, related to a topical managerial situation or challenge encountered at work. 

The taught elements of the DBA focus on providing necessary background which supports research design and application through examining current methodological questions and debates. This element is provided by the leading faculty at the American University in Switzerland.

To support students in their research they will be assigned a supervisor who will guide them and provide specialist knowledge. 

The program will consist of taught modules that are aimed at ensuring that you are fully prepared to produce research of the highest quality. A series of seminars aim to provide a background to the research topic that the student is undertaking.

The AUS DBA has a similar academic standing as a PhD.
As a student, you can therefore expect a challenging experience that is in a stimulating and intellectually demanding atmosphere. The DBA aims to have an impact on real-world situations and problems so that you can develop a proactive approach to management and decision-making.

Program Overview

ECTS Credits

CH Credits









  • To extend professional knowledge through research and the application of personal competencies
  • To facilitate in-depth studies in a specified area of business administration
  • To develop the ability to carry out independent research at an advanced level
  • To develop as a reflective practitioner who has the intellectual and personal adaptability to deal with organizational change and ambiguity
  • To develop your judgement, foresight and problem analysis in applying theoretical skills to research material derived from investigation


The award of the DBA will be based on successful completion of the taught modules, the seminars and the thesis documents. Examination of your thesis will involve a viva voce and an external assessor with expertise in the conducted research field.

AUS recognizes that some individuals may not be able to complete the final thesis of approximately 50,000 words. Therefore, should students opt to exit the course prior to the thesis phase of the program, there is the possibility to earn a postgraduate certificate.

Why Switzerland?

Rated in the Top 2 Countries to Study Abroad in Europe, Switzerland is an exceptional location to live, study and work. Its cultural diversity, magnificent landscape and innovative environment offer first-class conditions for both personal well-being and career achievement. With its amazing cuisine, four national languages, horology eminence and more than 1.5 million cows, Switzerland offer an international study experience like no other.

Among its many charms, Switzerland scenery tops it all. Stunning Lake Geneva lends itself to great boating and swimming, and of course the mountains are there for memorable hiking. If you love to ski and snowboard, there is no better place than Switzerland. And if you don’t know how to ski and snowboard, there is no better place to learn. From Zermatt to St. Moritz, Switzerland is a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts.

Why AUS?

The American University in Switzerland (AUS) is a private and fully accredited institution of Higher Education located near beautiful Lake Geneva. With a professor to student ratio of only 1 to 7 and a graduation rate of nearly 95%, students will experience the individual attention they deserve and obtain the career they desire.

At AUS, we recognize that business leaders today must not only master the hard skills needed to make data-driven decisions but also the soft skills needed to make them a better collaborator. To thrive in this field and to truly create value in an organization, leaders must acquire the management skills necessary to interface across the organization.

Recognizing the need for this skillset in the market, AUS has developed a holistic approach to educating tomorrow’s leaders.

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