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Studying a Bachelor Degree at the American University in Switzerland offers students the opportunity to learn, develop and grow in a personalized and nurturing environment. Students will acquire a broad base of knowledge in fundamental business practices, develop essential skills, and have the option to increase their knowledge in specific specializations from Aviation Management to Entrepreneurship.


Prepare yourself for the modern business environment as a leader, innovator or change-maker. Study modules such as corporate strategy, marketing and financial accounting.


Get ahead with a degree from the convenience of your own home. Study business administration in your own time and your own place and launch your career.


Harness your creative instincts
and combine them with the business knowledge
that will allow you to flourish in the fashion industry.


Luxury is much more than high-end, high price.
Discover the skills and knowledge
needed to succeed grow luxury brands in an every-changing economy.

Get more out of your Bachelor Degree

The collaboration between the American University in Switzerland and eCornell allows AUS students, studying a Bachelor Degree, access to professional certificates from Cornell Universityranked in the top 20 universities worldwide.

eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning unit, provides high quality online professional development programs developed by Cornell faculty to students around the world.

As with any university, the education received at the American University in Switzerland teaches you about the world, but the international student body and faculty help you to better understand it.”

Jennifer DryfoosBSBA Student
The American University in Switzerland prides itself on ensuring students gain relevant and practical knowledge to prepare them for the modern business environment. Our academics work closely to ensure that academia and industry are closely linked, and that students are gaining hands-on experience through live projects. Through their studies students will have opportunities to build their professional network and gain invaluable insight from industry professionals, reinforcing the academic knowledge they gain at AUS.

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