It has been an exciting time for AUS. The American University in Switzerland has formed partnerships with three leading universities: QMU (Queen Mary University) from London, and UPM (Prince Mugrin University) and DAH (Dar Al-Hekma University) from Saudi Arabia.

The three partner universities recently arrived at the AUS campus in La-Tour-de-Peilz. This was an opportunity for the partner institutions of Higher Education to visit AUS and collaborate through a series of meetings and workshops.

QMU, a 234 year old university, is working closely with AUS to develop a course in Hospital Management as part of the Bachelor’s degrees. Students from QMU will have the opportunity to take this course at the AUS campus. AUS’s faculty will be contributing their professional knowledge to develop the business aspect of the course.

UPM is collaborating with AUS to create a dual degree program that will enable students from both UPM and AUS to partake in exchange programs. AUS and UPM will further collaborate on internship programs and the development of research projects, and there will be an exchange of personnel.

AUS and DAH have partnered to develop a triple Fashion Design & Management degree program in collaboration with the Ferrari Fashion School in Milan. This program offers students the opportunity to study in three countries and in multi-cultural environments. The first two years of the program will take place in Saudi Arabia, followed by 6 months at AUS in Switzerland, followed by 6 months in Milan, where students will be exposed to the fashion industry.

It was an eventful three days at AUS. The partner universities were able to tour the AUS campus and learn about the faculty – respectable professionals with strong links to the industry who incorporate practical experience into each step of the educational journey.


They also gained further insight into the philosophy of the university: to guide each student throughout their individual journey be it as a prospective entrepreneur, manager, or leader within a family run business. This is at the core of AUS’s mission.






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