Financial Aid

The American University in Switzerland is a private institution and we are not subsidized by the government, so we only offer partial scholarships. We do not currently offer full scholarships.

We generally grants scholarships covering 10-20% of student’s tuition fees. In order to apply for our scholarship(s), please fill in this Financial Aid Form and email it to us at Please note that we can be very flexible with the payment of the fees should you wish.

We offer two types of partial scholarships, and you may apply for both:

  1. Need-based scholarships for those students who can produce proof of financial need. And/Or
  2. Merit-based scholarships for those students with outstanding academic achievements, professional experience, and/or community service.

If you are about to embark on your educational journey and need assistance with financial aid, please fill out our Financial Aid Form and include the transcripts (grades) from your most recent school or cv/resume if applicable. Please describe why you qualify for each type of scholarship with one to two sentences for each type. Feel free to attach this as a separate document if you need additional space.

Bear in mind that the earlier you apply for financial aid, the greater the potential for obtaining a scholarship.

More information may be collected from our Administration team directly.