We have to be in the driver’s seat for our career

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John Bower, Director at EMEA Recruitment, shares valuable insight with future graduates to navigate their career pathways.


AUS Speaker Series

AUS prepares students with skills needed for the future. Interlaced with classroom discussions and projects, guest speakers regularly enhance the learning experience.

The AUS Speaker Series is a monthly lecture given by a different leading expert who will share their experiences, insights, and advice with students. 

Our first speaker John Bower, Director – Finance, EMEA Recruitment, Switzerland discussed about skills needed in today’s job market and the skills Swiss employers, and employers in general, desire and the ones in high demand.

Mr. Bower works on a daily basis with senior industry executives in companies such as Proctor & Gamble and Duracell to identify and recruit top talent and has direct information from those doing the hiring and creating the job descriptions. This is a great opportunity for students to learn what skills they will need to further develop to be competitive. Mr. Bower is well-connected within the Swiss Finance & Accountancy community, particularly among C-level leaders. He, therefore, has a deep understanding of what industries are looking for in talent today and, more importantly, in the future.

AUS Speaker Series - John Bower

Reflecting on his own career Mr. Bower discussed what might have happened in his own career if he’d been consulted in this unique way during his university days. He feels a personal commitment to delivering this information as early as possible in someone’s career, making AUS’s students a perfect audience.

He explored the subject of globalisation and how companies now have more competition; whereas previously they may have employed professionals from within their canton or, at least, the country they’re based in, the world now works on a more international level.

Mr. Bower also described how the adapt or die approach now applies to people’s skillsets, and the reasons why millennials want more control over the direction of their careers.

An open discussion at the end allowed students to pose questions to Mr. Bower regarding their first steps into the world of work.


Future speakers of the AUS Speaker Series will cover best practices, lessons learned, and tips in various fields and topics, which may include entrepreneurship, future business realities, and leadership. The speakers will span the industry spectrum and will represent the commodities, marketing, hospitality, recruiting, communications, pharmacology, tech, and other industries. 

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