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Sam Tarn – Content and creative professional shares his international experience with AUS students and alumni


AUS Speaker Series

The American University in Switzerland prepares students with skills needed for the future. Interlaced with AUS courses, classroom discussions, and projects, guest speakers regularly enhance the learning experience.

The AUS Speaker Series are monthly lectures given by different leading experts who share their experiences, insights, and advice with students and alumni.

AUS was delighted to virtually host Sam Tarn – A content and creative professional with vast international experience in creativity and digital marketing.

Sam Tarn started his career as a copywriter and progressed into a marketing role working with multinational brands such as BP, Castrol, Wrigley, Intel, and Jagermeister.  He then joined UEFA, the governing body of European football, and grew its community from 500,000 to 4 million followers.

One of Sam’s significant accomplishments was that he was one of the people behind creating the UEFA Equal Game global campaign that promotes football for all and binds like-minded people is football love and derives from the earlier “No To Racism” campaign.

Some useful career tips that Sam shared with students that would like to adventure themselves in the field of digital marketing included:

  1. An excellent Social media strategy is an integral part of your brand promotion; it makes things easy and less stressful. Try to be a little bit bolder than the usual conservative ways, especially being in Switzerland.


  1. Don’t be shy about using emojis in content and posts.


  1. “Learn to love the hustle.”

Have a hard skin as you will get a few knocks along the way. Be willing to develop different skill sets, which will only be possible when you jump out of your comfort zone. You have to be the sole judge of your work.

The American University in Switzerland would like to thank Sam Tarn for sharing his insights, advice, and valuable information with students and alumni.

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