Tuition and Costs

Tuition and Costs

Please keep in mind that we are a private university with Ivy League professors educated in institutions such as Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford. Plus, we have small class sizes that foster a high level of individual attention and an extremely high graduation rate. Most of our budget is expended to cover the costs of our prestigious professors and our high-tech classrooms. So, while we may not be the least expensive program in the world, we do offer incredible value and an incredible education when compared to similar private US-based business schools.

Tuition for the three-year BSBA is 8’000 Swiss Francs (CHF) per trimester. We have three academic trimesters/terms per year, so the total cost (not including the registration fee) is three years * three trimester * CHF 8’000/trimester = CHF 72’000 for the completer three-year degree. For reference, one CHF is roughly equivalent to one US dollar.

Tuition for the two-year MIBA is CHF 7’625 per trimester. The program consists of four academic trimesters/terms + Internship + Thesis, so the total price (not counting registration fee) is four trimesters * CHF 7’625/quarter = CHF 30’500 for the complete two-year degree.

There is a one-time registration fee of CHF 3’500, which is payable only after the student has been accepted to AUS. This fee covers our legal and administrative while preparing the student visa application, and it reserves the student’s place in the desired cohort.

If you are motivated to invest in your future, have good work experience or academic achievements, or can’t quite afford the full tuition, then please consider applying for one of our partial scholarships. Please contact us for further details, and please note that we do not offer full scholarships.

Fees are reviewed from time to time and may change from those listed.

The University reserves the right to make such alterations or amendments as necessary. Please consult the website for current information.

How to pay

Application and registration fees must be paid before the visa application process. Tuition fees must be paid at least two weeks before the start date of the academic program. If the payment is not completed, students may not enroll and start classes until payment has been made. Payments may be made by bank transfer, online via credit card or in person. A student will not be fully registered until full payment is received. Tuition and services may be withdrawn in the case of non-payment.

Refund policy

If students begin a program of study and then wish to withdraw, students must advise the Administration in writing. Any refund will be made according to our Refund Policy. Note: This process may take a few months.

Cost of Living in Switzerland

Additional expenses may include:

  • Obligatory health insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Photocopying costs
  • Books
  • Personal expenditure or pocket money

We stay at your disposal in case of any further queries.

Financial Aid

The American University in Switzerland is a private institution and we are not subsidized by the government, so we only offer partial scholarships. We do not currently offer full scholarships. We generally grants scholarships covering 10-20% of student's…

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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in AUS - the American University in Switzerland. To process your application, we kindly request that you return the following documents to us via email at Admission Requirements Documents: Completed and signed application form; Digital copy…

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