The American University in Switzerland is committed to ensuring students can access higher education. Therefore, AUS offers a variety of partial scholarships designed to help you and your family with tuition costs. Partial scholarships could be awarded to a student based on merit or need, as determined in the application process.

Scholarship Opportunities

Merit-based Scholarships

AUS offers merit-based partial scholarships for students who demonstrate outstanding personal or professional achievements outside of the classroom. Are you a budding entrepreneur? Can you demonstrate strong leadership?

Need-based Scholarships

AUS offers need-based partial scholarships to applicants who demonstrate significant financial need for them to study at university. Students and families will be assessed for the eligibility.

Other Types of Scholarship

Academic Bursary

AUS offers academic bursary to all applicants who demonstrate exceptional academic performance in their previous studies.

Alumni Bursary

AUS Alumni who return to study their postgraduate, doctorate or executive education at AUS will receive a reduced-fee bursary.

Refer a Friend Bursary

AUS offers a refer a friend bursary to students, applicants or alumni for every referral that enrolls in the American University in Switzerland.

How to Apply

Once you have submitted the complete application package the Admissions team will assess your application to see if it meets one of the below scholarship requirements;

  • Outstanding academic achievements
  • Demonstration of strong personal qualities and skills
  • Exceptional personal or professional achievements
  • Unique personal or professional experiences

Guidance and Advice

Partial scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Admissions team based on the complete application package. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, we strongly recommend you include any, or all, the requirements detailed above in your motivation letter. The Admissions team will review all applications and award potential scholarships where appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AUS offer full scholarships?

No, AUS does not offer full scholarships. All scholarships are appropriately awarded based on the requirements outlined. Scholarships awarded can range from 5% – 60% depending on individual merit and circumstances.

Do I need to submit a separate scholarship application?

No, all applicants are assessed for scholarships when they provide the complete application package. However, students looking for need-based scholarships may be asked to provide additional information.

How will I know if I have received a scholarship?

You will be informed if you have received a scholarship by your Global Enrollment Advisor throughout the application process. It will also be highlighted in your acceptance letter sent by the Admissions team.

Will I receive my scholarship direct to my bank?

No, scholarships are awarded as a reduction to your tuition fees and are not sent directly to students. It will be highlighted in your acceptance letter sent by the Admissions team.

Does my scholarship cover my living costs in Switzerland?

No, an AUS scholarship is a tuition fee reduction and is not paid directly to the student. It does not cover any other additional costs associated with studying at AUS.

Who can receive a scholarship?

Only new students making an application to AUS for an upcoming intake can receive a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded at the point a student is made an offer to study at American University in Switzerland. Scholarships are not awarded at any other time, other than during the application process.

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