The History

of the American University in Switzerland

The story of the American University in Switzerland began in 1963, at the creation of the American College of Switzerland, whose academic body had the vision of combining both the effectiveness of American graduate education with the Swiss work ethic. Building upon this vision, four of the ACS (American College of Switzerland) teachers created the American Graduate School of Business in 1991 from which flourished one of the leading international business schools in Switzerland. To accommodate its growth, AGSB moved from its initial location at the Hotel Excelsior in Montreux in 1991 to La Tour-de-Peilz and finally to its present-day larger campus, still in La Tour-de-Peilz, which can now welcome 400 students. In 2019, the school changed its name from the American Graduate School of Business to the American University in Switzerland to reflect its growing status within international education

American University in Switzerland timeline

Sep 1991

Establishment of AGSB, The American Graduate School of Business

Jan 1992

Moved to a new and bigger campus

Nov 1992

Class of 1992

Jan 1993

AVDEP (Association of Private Schools in Canton Vaud) Recognition

Nov 1993

Class of 1993

Jan 1994

Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS) association membership

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Nov 1994

Class of 1994

Nov 1995

Class of 1995

Jan 1996

European Council of International Schools (ECIS) membership

Nov 1996

Class of 1996

Nov 1997

Class of 1997

Jan 1998

College Board membership

Jan 1998

Approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs (Washington DC)

Nov 1998

Class of 1998

Jan 2000

Introduction of Doctorate program

Nov 2000

Class of 2000

Nov 2001

Class of 2001

Nov 2002

Class of 2002

Nov 2003

Class of 2003

Nov 2004

Class of 2004

Nov 2005

Class of 2005

Nov 2006

Class of 2006

Nov 2007

Class of 2007

Nov 2009

Class of 2009

Nov 2010

Class of 2010

Jan 2013

American Association for Higher Education (AAHEA) Accredited

Jan 2014

ASIC Accredited

Jan 2015

Academic agreement with Regent’s University London

Jan 2016

Inauguration of the new campus

Jan 2017

Academic agreement with Escuela Latinoamericana de Ingenieros, Tecnologos y Empresarios in Bogota, Colombia

Jan 2017

Academic agreement with Universidad Anahuac in Huixquilucan Mexico

Jan 2017

Academic agreement with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in Tbilisi

Jan 2017

Academic agreement with the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut

Jan 2017

ECBE reaccredited

Jan 2017

Academic Agreement with Universidad De Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico

Jan 2017

IACBE reaccredited

Jan 2017

Academic Agreement with Corporacion Unificada Nacional de Educacion Superior in Colombia

Jan 2017

Academic Agreement with Galgotias University in Greater Noida, India

Apr 2017

QISAN Membership

Jan 2018

Establishment of AGSB S.A

Feb 2018

Academic agreement with Dar Al-Hekma University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mar 2018

Academic agreement with University of Prince Mugrin in Medina, Saudi Arabia

Jun 2019

Recognized as an IATA Certified Training Center

Jul 2019

Establishment of AUS, The American University in Switzerland

Aug 2019

Academic Partnership with Tiffin University

Sep 2019

New Academic Programs

Oct 2019

Became a member of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe

Nov 2019

Recognized as a Higher Institution by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Nov 2019

Academic Agreement with MAHSA University in Malaysia

Dec 2019

Academic agreement with Ferrari Fashion School in Milan

Jan 2020

29th Anniversary of AUS

Jan 2020

History in the making!

American University in Switzerland

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