At the American University in Switzerland, philanthropy fuels our progress and furthers our mission to promote access to international education opportunities. Initiatives supported by our generous donors help to improve the lives of students on campus and communities and businesses around the world.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the Transform a Life, Transform the World initiative.

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The initiative aims to support access to international education for students all over the world who have the potential and desire to make an impact in their community, but because of the lack of opportunities available to them they struggle to access the education needed to support their ambition.

Through the Transform a Life, Transform the World initiative we hope to open the door to a better tomorrow by providing a platform for generous supporters of our mission to support ambition, innovation and passion.

Donation Options

Academic Research

Study Abroad and Internships

Student Scholarships

Community Initiatives

Why give to AUS?

Student Scholarships

Scholarships allow students in need to obtain a quality education at AUS. By donating to the Student Scholarships Fund, you will be supporting AUS in its progress to ensure that students from all backgrounds looking to fulfil their academic potential will be able to access AUS’s high quality programs in Switzerland. Reserves from the Scholarship fund will be used to support the student in need with their tuition and other expenses that may arise during their studies.

Academic Research

Supporting our academic research will enable our faculty to engage with businesses and organizations in our local area to conduct impactful research to change the world.

Study Abroad and Internships

The AUS team highly advises its students to do internships during their studies and we support them with the internship search. Our students are keen to develop themselves throughout their time at AUS however at times internships are remunerated whereas interns only receive some pocket money which may not cover all their expenses. By supporting the Study Abroad and Internship Fund donors will allow students to sustain themselves during these internships. Students will then be able to put into practice the theories that they have learned in class, allowing them to develop personally and professionally, whether in Switzerland and around the world.

Community Initiatives

The surrounding community plays an important role to AUS. At AUS we are proud to support our local community and encourage our students to engage in the culture of Switzerland as much as possible. Your support of our community initiatives will allow AUS students to develop and run community focused projects in and around La Tour-de-Peilz. Funds raised for community initiatives will be used towards organizing and supporting community projects such as, networking evenings, sports events and student-led community projects and initiatives.

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Latest Donations

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  • 10 CHFStudent Scholarship Fund
  • 10 CHFStudy Abroad and Internship Fund
  • 100 CHFStudent Scholarship Fund

Thanks to you, students around the world and in Switzerland will have the opportunity to impact lives and create a more humane, prosperous, and sustainable world.

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