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AUS Open House Photo November 2019

On Thursday, November 21st, AUS held an exciting Open House Event.

It was an opportunity for AUS students, alumni, and prospective students as well as faculty and staff to immerse themselves in two of the eight specializations proposed by the university.

Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Management, Luxury Management, and Aviation Management are the palette of specializations students can choose from, embarking on their very own career path.

Entrepreneurship and Fashion Management seminar teasers paved the way for future Open Houses as students, alumni, staff, and faculty gathered in the university cafeteria for drinks and snacks, chatting to one another and enjoying the cozy atmosphere. After this, guests were able to choose between two presentations/workshops. Some of the guests attended the Fashion Management workshop where Vera Ostrowski of AUS spoke about the fashion management process. Luciné Ayanian shared some tips for fashion business and marketing. The participants had an opportunity to try sketching and mannequin draping. Creativity filled the room as participants were busy producing their own pieces of work.

Alexander Daum, one of the founders of Sunrise (A Swiss telecoms company) and business owner, opened the Entrepreneurship presentation with a brief story of his career and proceeded to discuss the main ingredients necessary for starting up one’s own business. He mentioned that he is passionate about motivating young people with their start-ups and stressed the importance of location, people, and above all ‘cashflow’. At the end of his presentation, he left time for Q&A and asked AUS students to share some of their projects, listening to their ideas and providing feedback. From hotels in home countries to recreational centers, concepts were shared and discussed. It was an opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and gain confidence in future endeavors.

The Open House on Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship concluded with drinks and conversation. It was an enjoyable and successful event.

Next Open House: Luxury Management and FinTech Management.
We look forward to welcoming everyone again here very soon!

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