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On Thursday, February 6th, AUS had the pleasure of hosting its Open House on Luxury Management and Fintech Management Programs . It was a very special event and an opportunity for the American University in Switzerland to introduce current students and guests to two of the seven specializations offered in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

In September, the university introduced an array of new specializations ranging from Fashion Design Management to Entrepreneurship to Aviation Management, Cybersecurity Management, FinTech Management, Interior Design Management, and Luxury Management. In November, AUS introduced two other specializations: Entrepreneurship with speaker Alexander Daum, and Fashion Design Management with Vera Ostrowski and Luciné Ayanian.

The Luxury Management and FinTech Management Open House began with a welcome drink – a chance for students, guests, faculty, staff, and speakers to get to know each other, mingle, share ideas, and enjoy the afternoon.

Guest speaker, Suzanne Godfrey, provided an overview of the industry of Luxury Management. Cyrus Fazel, CEO and founder of SwissBorg introduced Blockchain Technology, while Kirill Khitrov, Deputy Head of Lynceus, discussed the impact of global digitalization on the financial industry.

The seminars were followed by Q&A, an interactive session wherein the audience was invited to ask questions and learn more about each field. It was an opportunity for all to delve more deeply into each specialization, discover the different prospects and challenges, and create a link between academia and the industry.

After the sessions ended, guests and speakers were invited to drinks and snacks, a moment to continue discussions related to the seminars and to become acquainted with the university.  Look out for the next Open House in a few months in which two other specializations will be introduced.

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